Frantic Friday!!

Today’s repairs: iPhone 5C Smashed Screen, iPhone 5 Charge Port, HTC 1 Cracked Screen, HTC 1 Screen Graphics Repair, Apple iPhone Battery, iPhone 4 Screen Repair, iPhone 5S Screen Repair, iPhone 4S Sim Card Issues, Acer Laptop Repair, Macbook Screen Repair.

We service Cleveland, Brisbane, Capalaba, Victoria Point, Thornlands, Ormiston, Manly

For on the spot gadget repairs while you wait, call:

0404 763723 or message your inquiry.

CAM00314 CAM00315 CAM00316 CAM00317 CAM00318 CAM00319 CAM00320 CAM00321 CAM00322 CAM00323 CAM00324 CAM00326 CAM00327 CAM00328 CAM00329 CAM00330 CAM00331 CAM00332 CAM00404

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