Thrilling Thursday!!

We’ve had an iPad mini that’s been GLUED together (beware of dodgy repair shops…!) a few iPhone 5Cs with Cracked Screen, Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Repair, iPhone 4S Screen Replacement, iPad Air Screen Repair and a Cracked iPhone 6 Screen Repair.


Gadget Hospital – ANY device ON THE SPOT

We service Cleveland, Brisbane, Capalaba, Victoria Point, Thornlands, Ormiston, Manly

For on the spot gadget repairs while you wait, call:

0404 763723 or message your inquiry.

CAM00298 CAM00299 CAM00300 CAM00301 CAM00302 CAM00303 CAM00304 CAM00305 CAM00306 CAM00308 CAM00309 CAM00310 CAM00311 CAM00312 CAM00313

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